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For the Wynn

I write to think. Here are my thoughts.

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What the DnD Community Needs in Light of the OGL and ORC

Tabletop Role Playing Games

I’ve been following with interest all the drama around the leaked Open Gaming License revision. Copyright is one of those things you never really shake once it’s touched your life, and as one that was deep into the Anime Music Video community around the time of Napster and all those (early?) copyright wars it’s interesting to see another round of this. What I’m struggling with this time, is why the wider DnD community, an incredibly sharp and creative group of people, seem absolutely determined to have a special license for themselves instead of building on the victories we won when Lawrence Lessig and Cory Doctorow were fighting the good copyfight.
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Dimension 20 - Neverafter - First Impressions

Tabletop Role Playing Games

I must admit when I first saw the trailer for this season, I thought “hard pass for me… not into horror.” That said, I couldn’t avoid seeing a YouTube short about how episode 3 was as crazy as episode 2 of Fantasy High, so I figured I had to give it a shot. At least on 2x speed. So far, I’ve come to appreciate a few things I didn’t expect, and I wanted to jot them down for anyone else that might be on the fence about the series as well.
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Dimension 20 - A Crown of Candy - Finale pt. 2

Tabletop Role Playing Games

Boy, there was some great wrap-up in there, and some disappointment for me as well.
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Dimension 20: A Crown of Candy Finale Part 1

Tabletop Role Playing Games

So it seems Brennan might finally get his wish that he couldn’t fulfill in Escape from Bloodkeep…
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Dimension 20 - A Crown of Candy Episode 6 Notes

Tabletop Role Playing Games

Spoilers, obviously.
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Thoughts on Dropout's A Crown of Candy

Tabletop Role Playing Games

So I’ve been watching Dimension 20’s A Crown of Candy on Dropout. At time of writing, five episodes have been published. It’s been a real surprise to me how much I’m enjoying it. I thought I would explain why. Fair Warning: spoilers through episode 5.
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