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For the Wynn

I write to think. Here are my thoughts.

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Moving to Write.as



I’m beginning the process of moving my blog to write.as.

The reasoning is fairly simple: I don’t really have time to tweak the Hugo setup anymore while on COVID lockdown with a toddler, and I’d like to start blogging again. So I choose to move. The writing experience is as simple as can be on this platform, and since I’m trapped away from my desktop during COVID lockdown, I’m looking into web-based platforms to do more and more.

I’m also taking Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course, and trying to take some of the principles to heart. One in particular, is removing friction wherever possible. My hugo setup was fun, but even at that modest complexity I was beginning to fear opening it at all for fear of breaking anything. Write.as simply gives me a blank page to put in some Markdown. Beautiful.

My only concern is making sure a handful of article URLs make it in the transition. Breaking the web is bad, and should be avoided wherever possible. But there are only a handful I care about, along with the about page. It might be doable… but the shift from static site served out of a Google Cloud Storage bucket to a completely managed solution means I would have to handle this in an awkward layer… DNS I suppose? I’ll have to see if it’s worth the effort and write about it later.

Actually, scratch that, I’ll just use a new subdomain for the blog and leave the old site running as is. Produce first, link back later.

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